In August of 2016, Sireginald moved to Los Angeles from bustling city of Philadelphia where he attended and graduated from Temple University. However, he is a native of Prince George’s County, a not so sleepy place outside of Washington, DC which is where he spent most of his childhood. It was there he fell in love with music, Reggie is especially influenced by his hometown heroes Marvin Gaye and Ginuwine. Ever since the age of seven he knew that music and singing had his heart, and Singers like Prince, Avant, Brandy, and Tank made him fall in love with R&B music and inspired him to push himself vocally.

After numerous failed attempts at trying to gain the attention of big labels through talent searches and various showcases, Reggie gave the behind the scenes route a try and signed a publishing deal with 4Ever Young Music Group. There he was able to move behind the scenes, learn the ins and outs, work on composing music, and gain experience working with a few notable producers and songwriters.

After a year of hard work and dedication, Reggie realized it was his time to shine and he released 21. 21 is a sonic interpretation on depression, heartbreak, fitting-in, drugs, student loans, SEX, and of course love. It's a reflective and unique tale of the society we live in through the lens of his 21-year-old self. 21 allowed him to grow as an artist, find his sound, and gain a fearlessness with creating music. 

Reggie is a breath of fresh air, with a hint of something smooth lingering from the past that you truly miss when compared to the Trap-infused R&B of today. Currently Reggie is preparing for a groundbreaking year in 2018 and is hoping it is finally his "Time".